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Tuscon dog trainer near me

"Tucson Dog Trainer Guarantees He Can Get Your Dog To Listen To You..."

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We Can Train Any Dog.

We’re the dog trainers in Tucson to call when you want to get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go– even around other dogs, cats, food or tennis balls. Yes, even tennis balls!

We’ll give your dog a temperament test and also have you do some handling exercises so that we can honestly and accurately evaluate your individual dog’s needs and put together a program to transform your pet’s behavior.

Voted #1 Dog Training Company In Tucson By Over 1,200 Satisfied Dog Training Clients!

Off Leash Training

Our off leash training programs mean your dog will be reliable even around other dogs, cats and food temptations.

Private Lesson Dog Training In Tucson

Stop Bad Behavior

We can quickly and easily transform your dog's bad behavior into good behavior.

All Dogs, All Breeds

Whether its with our private lessons, "board & train" or group classes-- we can train any dog, any breed!


“Imagine your dog off leash reliable and listening to your every command. Perfect obedience around distractions. Bad behavior problems a thing of the past.”
Tuscon dog trainer near me

"Hi, I'm Joe."

Head Trainer Joe Camacho is an obedience training expert who can get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go!

Behavior Modification

We are behavior modification specialists and we help good dogs with bad behavior.

Joe Camacho Tucson Dog Trainer

Pet Dogs & More!

Our experience as working dog trainers gives us additional tools to safely stop dog aggression fast


We Are Forever Grateful...

We didn’t know what to do when we realized our dog was growing into being aggressive toward other dogs. After I heard about Dog Squad U for the 3rd time at work, I knew I was on track to finding the right person to help us.  Joe had “Krewe” converted into a completely different dog in 10 minutes. We definitely found the right person.  We are forever grateful.

- Karen Miller

tucson, arizona

Featured Programs

Private Training

You and your dog will learn in private, one-on-one dog training sessions as we teach you how to transform your dog's behavior and learn manners.

Board & Train

Busy or traveling? With our board & train programs your dog lives with us while achieving a high level of obedience success.

Puppy Training

No more house training accidents, barking, nipping or other problem puppy behaviors-- We teach you how to start off right!

Tucson Dog Training Testimonial

Now Much Happier...

I did not want to take “Hazel” out for walks due to her pulling and going crazy when she saw other dogs and jumping on people.  Then we found Joe, she now performs behaviors i never dreamed possible. She is still Ms Personality, but now much happier.  Thanks Joe

Gayle Pratt


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